– A monument is a lasting tribute to a person whose life we wish to honor. Granite monuments are the most durable. They usually consist of two pieces. A tablet containing the important information and a base on which it sits.

Slant Marker

– Slant markers typically stand 16″ to 18″ in height with a face that is cut at an angle so it is easy to read.

Flat Marker

– Granite or bronze markers lay flush with the ground. They are generally 24″ x 12″ but can be larger depending upon individual cemetery or memorial park requirements.

Bronze Marker

– Bronze is an alloy of copper, lead and zinc. Bronze markers are mounted to either a granite or cement base which serves as a foundation.


– Memorial benches are a beautiful alternative to a traditional monument. Granite benches are also gaining in popularity as dedication features in parks and outside local businesses.


– A private mausoleum is a granite building suitable for above ground interment.


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